S-BPM ONE 2023 Conference Program

Wednesday 31. 05. 2023

08:30 Registration

09:00 Opening of the conference – Chair Peter Forbrig


Process complexity in shipbuilding – challenges from a practical perspective Jan Sender, Fraunhofer-Institut für Großstrukturen in der Produktionstechnik IGP

09:30 Session 1 – (S-)BPM Management Issues & People – Chair  Anke Dittmar

Matthias Lederer, Reinhard Gniza, and Albert Fleischmann

Impact of Subject Orientation for Current Developments of Business Process                            Management – a Qualitative Assessment (F)
Julia Thummerer and Matthias Lederer

Boosting the Maturity of Agile Process Teams: A Complete Model for Assessing and                Increasing Self-Organization in BPM (F)
Ana Moya, Michael Hein, and Janina Reimann

Business Process Automation for Data Teams A Practical Approach at Handelsblatt  Media Group (S)

10:50 Coffee Break

11:20 Session 2 – (S-)BPM Technology & Infrastructure – Chair Werner Schmidt

Christian Stary

Can a ‘Metaverse by Design’ Benefit from Digital Process Twins? (F)
Jan Gottschick, Anna Opaska, Petra Steffens, and Jaouhara Zouagui

Cloud-based generative and model-driven business process development for the public administration (S)
Richard Heininger, Thomas Ernst Jost, and Christian Stary

Autonomy as Shared Asset of CPS Architectures (S)(S)

12:30 Lunch Break

13:30 Session 3 – (S-)BPM in Practice and Organisation – Chair Matthes Elstermann

Andreas Widenhorn and Paramvir Singh Gaawar

Credit to Machine Learning – Performance of Credit Card Fraud Detection Models (S)
Stefan Rösl and Thomas Auer

Addressing the Data Challenge in Manufacturing SMEs: A Comparative Study of  Data Analytics Applications with a Simplified Reference Model (S)
Thomas Auer and Stefan Rösl

Exploring Potential Barriers for the Adoption of Cognitive Technologies in Industrial Manufacturing SMEs – Preliminary Results of a Qualitative Study (S)
Konrad Jagusch, Jan Sender, David Jericho, and Wilko Flügge

Approach of Partial Front-Loading in Engineer to Order (S)

14:50 Coffee Break

15:20 Meeting (for I2PM members only)

16:00 Leave to the Harbor

17:00 Boat Trip

21:00 End of the Boat Trip


Thursday 01.06.2023

09:00 Opening of the second day – Chair Peter Forbrig


Subject-Orientation: History! – Future? Albert Fleischmann, InterAktiv Unternehmensberatung            

09:30 Session 4 – (S-)BPM Design & Modeling – Chair Matthias Lederer

Matthes Elstermann, Matthias Lederer, Stefanie Betz, and Werner Schmidt

Modelability of Agile Development Projects – An Assessment of the Opportunities and Limitations of BPMN and S-BPM (S)
Thomas Ernst Jost, Christian Stary, and Richard Heininger

Handling Cross-Cutting Concerns in Subject-Oriented Modeling: Exploration of                       Capabilities and an Aspect-Oriented Enrichment  (F)

10:20 Coffee Break

10:50 Session 5 – (S-)BPM Development & Requirements – Chair Albert Fleischmann

Jakob Matthias Bönsch, Svenja Hauck, Matthes Elstermann, Jivka Ovtcharova

Towards Understanding the Capabilities of Intelligent Value Networks for                                Lightweight Vehicles in Small Quantities (F)
Constantin Liepert, Christian Stary, Axel Lamprecht, and Dennis Zügn
Improving Interoperability in the Exchange of Digital Twin Data within                                    Engineering (F)
Udo Kannengiesser, Florian Krenn, and Harald Müller

Using OPC UA for Auditable Enterprise Integration in the Insurance                                        Industry (S)
Peter Forbrig, Alexandru Umlauft, Mathias Kühn, and Anke Dittmar

The Role of Stories in Software Development and Business-Process Modeling (S)

12:30 Lunch Break

13:30 Session 6 – S-BPM Professional & Community Issues – Chair Chris Stary

Christoph Piller

MComparing BPMN 2.0 and PASS: A Review and Analysis of Previous Research (F)
Matthes Elstermann

A Recursive PASS Interpreter Specification  (F)
Matthes Elstermann and Jivka Ovtcharova

Revisiting the ALPS – an Investigation of Abstract Layered PASS (F)

15:00 Coffee Break and End of the Conference